Why the Growing Interest in CDB?

It sometimes seems like the world has suddenly gone crazy for CBD. Not too long ago, it was something only discussed with close friends in hushed tones. However, the great news is that some of the stigma surrounding CBD and Hemp related products is being dispelled, and CBD has gone mainstream! The industry has grown beyond oils, vaping, and edibles, and we are now seeing CBD-infused beauty products, including skincare, haircare, and even makeup. The big question is, why is there such a growing interest in all things CBD?

Let’s explore!

What is CBD?

Let’s start with a summary of what CBD truly is. If you are not a regular user, then the first thing that your mind jumps to when you hear CBD is probably marijuana. In reality, there is a loose connection between the two, but it’s not what most people assume. CBD is primarily derived from Hemp, a cousin of marijuana, sharing many of the same properties but not the same plant. They are both parts of the Cannabis family and contain the same natural compounds Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is THC that produces the psychoactive effect while CBD does not. You won’t get high from CBD products. The big difference between marijuana and Hemp is the ratios of THC and CBD they contain. Marijuana has a significantly higher ratio of THC, while Hemp has a much higher proportion of CBD.

While medical and recreational marijuana is legal in many states, CBD products derived from it still remain illegal in the states that prohibit recreational or medical marijuana use. However, the Farm Bill 2018 makes the regulated production of Hemp-derived CBD products legal under federal law.

How Common is CBD in the United States?

According to a recent study, 33% of American adults say they have used a CBD product one or more times (SingleCare, 2020) and 64% of Americans say they are familiar with CBD and/or CBD products (Gallup, 2019). 

Why is CBD Continuing to Gain Popularity?

Some would say that when CBD derived from Hemp was legalized across all 50 states, the resulting increased demand was inevitable. However, there are many other reasons to consider beyond legalization.

Health Benefits

One of the key reasons for the growth of the CBD industry is that it is considered to have such wide-ranging health benefits. While research is not yet conclusive, many people believe it has helped alleviate symptoms from various diseases and conditions. However, results may vary from person to person, and the FDA has not evaluated these claims.

Beauty Regimens

Over the past couple of years, the beauty industry has also had an increased interest in CBD. There are various beauty products on the market containing CBD, including shampoo, blemish creams, face masks, skincare, and more. There are even makeup brands using CBD in eyeshadows and other products.


We live in an increasingly fast-paced world, and people are keen to find natural options for dealing with the worry of day-to-day life. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started in late 2019, emotions have been running high all over the world. CBD can help promote a sense of calm and focus for many people and has become a popular way to relax.

In conclusion, the overall growth of the CBD industry is going from strength to strength and shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. With the growing availability of CBD products and the far-reaching health benefits they offer, it is easy to see why it is so popular.