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Are you new to CBD use? There are so many different products and strengths available that the choice can seem overwhelming! How do you know what to try and how much to take? Don’t panic! At Hemp Connect, we are here to help you choose the perfect product to suit your individual needs. If you are local to Knoxville, why not visit us, and we will help you find your personalized formula! If you are out of state, you are always welcome to contact us by phone or email.

What Type of Product is Right For Me?

We offer a wide range of hemp-derived products that can be taken in different ways. Each of them has its own benefits and effects. Four main categories are essential to know about when it comes to Hemp products:

  • Topicals: A salve or lotion applied externally and can best be absorbed when massaged into the skin. Topicals are incredible for targeting a specific area and focusing on relief for that exact area.
  • Tinctures: CBD Oils, also called Tinctures, are placed under the tongue and typically take effect in under 20 minutes. Tinctures are great for targeting multiple issues and providing some of the maximum amount of benefits of the Hemp plant.
  • Edibles: Edibles come in the form of Gummies, Drinks, Honey, Cereal Bars, Baked Goods, Chocolate, Suckers, and more! Edibles can take up to 3 hours to take effect, yet they provide a full-body experience unlike any other form of Hemp products.
  • Smokables: Hemp-derived smokables come in the form of Flower, Concentrates, or Vaping. A large benefit of consuming smokable forms of Hemp is that they can take effect immediately with little to no wait time.

How Often Should You Use Your Chosen Products?

We suggest using the product of your choice at least once per day. However, on average, we do recommend using some form of CBD once in the morning and once in the evening. This way, you are staying on a regular schedule, and your body can regain balance in a shorter period of time. There is a vast array of potential benefits that come with consuming CBD/Delta-8 regularly.