Certificate of Analysis (COA'S)

One of the most important aspects of research when looking for a Hemp-Derived product of any variant is COA's or Lab Results. The COA's are the pieces of information that a lab produces after a product has been tested by that lab. Hemp-Derived products must be tested by a third-party lab, in the United States, and test under <.3% Delta9 THC, in order for the product to be legal in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill Act.

Lab Results or COA's can be tricky to read when you first look them over but the most important thing to look for is the Delta 9 THC levels. As long as those levels are less than .3% or less, the product is 100% legal in the state of Tennessee and most states. However, some states differ and are constantly changing laws so we highly suggest to check with local and state laws. Below you will find lab results for each product under the given category of said product. If you have any questions regarding the COA's of any of the products we have, contact us at our retail location (865) 275-8899 or email us at support@hemp-connect.com

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